"It's Not Just a Job, It's ...."

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USAF Truck
It is no secret that the Navy and Air Force do not always peacefully coexist. And one reason is shown in this picture of a US Air Force Security Police truck on the ramp at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa. It is not unusual, except for the logo that was placed on the door above the stenciled words, "U.S. Air Force". It is a sticker of my squadron's logo: a flying blue goose. It seems that when the Air Force folks found the sticker (And, I might add, dozens of others!) predominently posted on various pieces of Air Force property (including one of their more "secret" aircraft), they were less than pleased. You should have heard the phone calls my Commanding Officer got from various USAF brass! Such language...and from Air Force officers and gentlemen!