Let's Talk About
Food and Wine!

Knights of the Vine Initiation

KOV Preamble
Wine is a gift from God which has been used as a food and a symbolic beverage for centuries; mankind has the privilege to enjoy and appreciate wine. Wine is a gift of nature. Growth of its consumption is a gift of man to man: Therefore, we bind together in the "Brotherhood" to enjoy and appreciate its use by telling of this gift in the world and by teaching Restraint and Reason.

Aims and Purposes
The Brotherhood is is an organization that I have been a member of for a few years. The Brotherhood is an association of individuals who share an appreciation for and an interest in the Vines and Wines of America; proclaim their virtues and use in a modern society by demonstrating the good life with wines through the courtesies of the table; educate themselves and the public at large that wine is a healthy and hygienic beverage and beneficial to modern life; bring honor and distinction to those individuals who support the cause of the Vines and Wines of America; and to support higher education of students of vinology and enology through the funding of scholarships.


Knights of the Vine Assemblage. The photo above is from my initiation into the Knights of the Vine. We posed for this photo after the ceremony. Our "celebrity" Knight was Alex Trabec (shown bottom row, far left). He was "Knighted" the same night as I.

KOV I'm Knighted! This photo shows me kneeling at the foot of the Master Commander while he officially elevates me to the position of a Knight.