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Tour & Tasting at Chalone Vineyards

Chalone Vines
Chardonnay Vines at Chalone. This is a picture of some of the Chardonnay vines at Chalone Vineyards. This picture was taken from the balcony at the Chalone visitor center.

Chalone Casks   Chalone Casks

Aging Barrels in the Cellar. Part of the tour at Chalone included a tour through their wine aging caves.

Chalone Guide   Chalone Guide

Tasting in the Cellar. During the tour of the caves, we were treated to a barrel tasting of some of the Chalone wines yet to be released. After our first tasting, the guide asked if anyone wanted "seconds". The lady shown above reaching for a refill said, "Hell, I probably won't be alive when this stuff is bottled and released. So go ahead and fill 'er up again!"