Let's Talk About
Food and Wine!

Although I don't think I would classify it as a "passion," I truly do enjoy food (both eating and cooking!), and wine (both producing (enology) and drinking!).

This section of decuir.net provides information on recent wine tastings, restaurant happenings (both good and bad), cooking, and other interesting (at least I think so!) stuff. Links to worthwhile web sites are also provided.

Cellar Graphic

Tour, Tasting, and Dinner at
Eberle Vineyards in Paso Robles, California

Eberle Wine Cellar
Knights of the Vine Sponsors Event. The Los Angeles Chapter of Knights of the Vine (more on them later) coordinated the event. This photo was taken in Eberle's tasting room and shows (l-r), me (of course), Nancy Minor (LA KOV Scribe), her husband Rick Ervin (LA KOV Official Photographer...except for this picture!), and Neill Foster (LA KOV Master Commander).

The 1996 Pinot Noir! In this picture, Eberle vineyard staff pump the recently crushed 1996 Pinot Noir into holding tanks.
1996 Pinot Noir

Preparing the dinner wine. This picture was taken in the Eberle caves and shows a member of the catering staff preparing the wines that will be served with the night's dinner.
Eberle Wine Prep