The Family

Dad and Angelo
The Fishermen. Here's dad with two of his fishing pals: Angelo Catalde, and another man whose name I cannot remember. (I'm sorry, dad.)
Johnny Juge, Jack Gample, and Darryl DeCuir at one of our dinners at La Fayette Restaurant.
Darryl and Jack
Mom and Aunts
Mom (left, sitting) and Bryant Juge (standing), with "the aunts" (l to r): Doris DeCuir, Eulla Thompson, and Zene Hatfield.
Cousin Maddy DeCuir and his wife Rosemary.
Maddy and Rosemary
Me and Gloria Dancing
Me and Gloria Juge (Johnny Juge, Jr.'s wife).
Dad and Johnny Juge sharing stories about the "good old days."
Dad and Johnny