The Family

Onboard Aircraft
This is a picture of me and my cousin, Susann, onboard her brother Joe's Cessna 401 aircraft. We took several pictures that day to use in promoting Joe's air charter company.
I don't remember when this picture was taken, but I think that it was in the early 1960's. Left to right: my dad; his brother Bill; his brother-in-law Floyd Hatfield and his wife, Zene (my dad's sister); dad's oldest brother Hennessey; and his youngest brother Paul.
The DeCuir Brothers
Darryl and Doris
My aunt, Doris DeCuir, and her son Darryl DeCuir.
The Juge clan. I would list them all, but it would take up a lot of disk space! Oh well, here goes: Suzann Benchetler, Agnes, Gloria, John Jr., Pam, Bryant, and Johnny Juge. So there.
The Juge Family
Grandma Abounader
This is Rita Abounader, my grandmother on my mother's side. I took this picture of her in May 1970.
Johnny, Mal, Maddy
From the left, cousins Johnny Juge, Mal DeCuir, and his brother Maddy DeCuir.