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Sunrise Over LA Harbor

Sunrise over Los Angeles Harbor as seen from my home.

Welcome Aboard!
Welcome to DeCuir's home page. This site contains an eclectic mix of DeCuir family information, as well as pages for "stuff" that I find enjoyable: computers, cooking, wines, and various other "stuff." This site is not designed in aesthetics or content to make any social statements. It has three purposes: (1) primarily, enjoyment for me; (2) a place to practice my HTML code; and, (3) to provide a central location on the Internet for DeCuir's around the world to gather and share family history and information. To these purposes, please enjoy.
Why Call it "Stuff?"
My late father, Joseph Denny "Frenchy" DeCuir, did not have the geatest command of the English language. But what he lacked in knowledge, he made up for in creativity. One of his favorite sayings was, "This, that, stuff, and so on." Or just plain, "Stuff and so on." For some reason or another, dad seemed to think that most declarative statements needed to end with at least one of those. My late cousin Darryl A. DeCuir was masterful at imitating dad's "Stuff and so on" closing. Darryl used it often when around other family members, but since he was a very prominent Los Angeles attorney, we're not sure if he managed to enter it into any of his court pleadings! It is for this reason that I am proud to continue the family tradition of "stuff!"

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